Friday, May 8, 2009

Meditation Twenty Three

Underlying consciousness is infinite and I partake in the infinite expression. I am aware of the Divine Presence within me as the Infinite Source of all. Underlying this prosperity is the Infinite Source, everywhere present, and within me, as me.

There is a Universal Consciousness flowing through each and every universe and It flows through me; It is the Flow of me, and of my prosperity.

For what is needed most is the awareness of this fact within me - a choosing of focus. As I remind myself of this truth, I experience the flow of Its nature and action in my experience. Like any river, the flow begins at the Source. The waters come down from Above, or rise up from deep Within, and in an abundance of fluid makes a path that flows from the Highest Level to the expressions contained within the banks below.

I could attempt to block the stream and avoid such flow. I could accept and fight for the last drop of water at the end of the flow, before it rises back into the Heavens in its infinite cycle of never-ending abundant activity.

Or, I can be aware of the nature of Infinite Flow and the Reality of a Greater Source Above my individual river. From this awareness do I experience the flow abundantly, happily knowing It and sharing with all.

I now accept and share in the Infinite Flow and Abundant Nature of my Source.

Meditation Twenty Two

Awareness is simply being aware of something that already exists, but to which no attention has been paid previously.

Understanding is reasoning out from an awareness - a contemplation meditation. I understand the more I ponder upon that I am aware, and consider the many implications of what I am beginning to now understand.

Eventually I come to know - which means I think and experience what I understand as a certainty. This comes in time and with experience. The other way of knowing is Knowing. Real Knowing comes from Above and Within.

True Knowing may come through meditation upon an idea, contemplating what a thought means, and then waiting to listen for more internal in-sight. From such meditation and thought do I come to know - in my mind and in my emotions.

For me to know (experience as certainty) my Source, I must meditate on ideas about my Source of which I am currently aware. I contemplate and meditate on these, to come to a knowing.

The Source of me is the Divine Source of all. That Source of all is more than sufficient - it is all that there IS. That same Source is the Source of me, my experience, the Source and substance of all my good, and all I know.

Can I remember the times when I felt my Source was taking care of all for me? Can I recall how this feels? Can I bring to mind the times my Source came through for me when I needed It? Can I remember when my Source provided a solution for me - perhaps at the very last minute? Can I recall a time when I could just go about my way in life, knowing that my Source had everything taken care of for me? Can I feel these things now? Could I, if I stopped to do so? Can I recall just some of these times? Each pondering counts.

What tragedies of life made me think differently, due to an incident of upheaval, or three or four? Though these were worthy events of note to me, do I dismiss the Power of my Source in this and all other times? Could my pondering sad and hurtful moments cause more sadness and worry in my life? Do I feel more upset now just thinking of sad or emotional incidents?

I respect and acknowledge now the sad, overwhelming and frightening times in my past experience. I acknowledge these happenings most sincerely.

Such situations may no longer overwhelm me or my experience of my Source. I choose to relive times of my good when I have known my Source as my foundation, rather than meditate on my other, fewer, experiences.

I shift my awareness.


To Know.


Meditation Twenty One

God, Source, What IS: Whatever YOU are, You are the Source if all and so You are everywhere abundant. As all things come out of You - this One Source - whatever else You are, You are rich; rich as the rich soil that contains all needed minerals abundantly.

You are the substance of the flower and of the wealthiest person. You are everywhere I look, if I look truly to see You behind all.

When I am in fear, I am fearing separation or a lack of YOU, for I know that my personality alone cannot sustain me. I fear trying to go it all on my own, as if my personality can do anything infinitely.

You are my Substance, Sustenance and Supply. You are richer than the richest earth, greater than the reaches of the wildest Universe. Yet as Great as You are, You are the Source and Substance of me.

People, places, things, events and conditions fail. People have let me down, situations and events have not worked out as I had planned. Yet You, the Source of all, the Substance of all, cannot fail for YOU are all.

And You are the Source and the Substance of me.

"I AM the form and substance of all things. I share gladly my resources with my creations. All Power awaits you to tap into the Flow - to be One with thy Heavenly Source and Parent."

Monday, May 4, 2009

Meditation Twenty

The Sole Power of my financial affairs is the Source within me. I cannot rely on external matters. Only within me do I find my True Source of Stability.

I turn my eyes away from the outer and focus on my Source as my only reliable resource.

There is only one Source and the rest are results or projections of that Source in infinite expression.

I ask for God to take over my body, my mind, my emotions, my concerns; every single bit of my life no matter how small.

All is given up to the Source to run as It Wills.

In this way will I live experiencing and knowing my Source, rather than my fearful delusions. My personality is a vehicle for my Source to use as Its Infinite Expression.

I look solely to my Source now for my life is no longer my own.

It never really was, and now I am free from the delusion of thinking otherwise.

I pay only attention to my Source - not outer things as my source.

My outer experience is abundant as my True Source is abundant.

I rely solely on my Source, for only It knows my needs and desires as Its own.

Meditation Nineteen

To be in the flow of support is to simply be aware that the Divine Source within me is the Source of all.

Recognizing my Source as my Source is the secret few dare master.

To depend on the Source of all, the Source Within all, within me, is the revelation.

I can relax now and take it easy, no longer needing to struggle for Divine Intercession. The Divine Source always intercedes, and in all things. The trick is to acknowledge this Fact, to be able to experience It and share in Its flow. The Divine Self does not hold back nor does It struggle to share or express Itself.

Only the thought of separation causes me to feel and experience life as if it is all up to a "me", all alone, on my own.

But nothing is "mine" alone.

What is or has been mine is nothing less than the sharing of my Source with me, as me. When I am experiencing lack, it is me that may be the one found lacking in my trust of Source.

The correction is simple. Turn back to my Source. Re-Source. Turn back to the Source of all as the Source of my life, as my Source in all life.

From this reliance all things come from Source to me through people, places and situations. It is my remembrance of Source as my supply that allows me the seeming magic and miracle of supply. My constant thought of the Divine in me as my fulfillment brings Source back into activity easily through me, as me, and for me, now.

There is no other Source. There is no other time.

I gladly participate and share in Its abundant flow, which begins with the focus on my Source as my Source in all ways - now.

Meditation Eighteen

All my affairs are the affairs of God.

Remembering that there is the One True Self - the One Self, God as human expression - in me, as me, and as all other be-ings, reminds me that the Source of me is in constant contact with all of Its infinite expressions.

The Real Self (not my personality-ego-self) does not fail to express or experience anything. If one channel of an expression (a "me") thinks itself separate, unworthy or unable, the Self simply expresses Itself in this manner through a different channel of Its Infinite Expression (which my personality thinks of as "not me").

Self always successfully achieves what It wishes to express and and experience of and for God.

So it is with the Self within me.

I may refuse Divine expression, doubt abundance all around me, stop abundant living for a while in my experience, accept lack, upset and struggle. These are among possible infinite expressions. But The One Self desiring to express happiness, ease of living and sharing, feelings of at-one-ment and living this life abundantly without concern, will do so just the same - through someone willing to accept these expressions and experiences as the reality of their life.

I once had many such experiences, but thinking it was me that was the cause of them caused these spiritual expressions to go away. Thinking that it was me who must manage things or they would flee - caused them to flee. For it is not a "me" that can manage such things happily.

How often have I seen others do successfully what I thought I could do, but felt unworthy to accomplish? How often have I diminished what I had, knew or did, and then watched as others successfully did (in sometimes a lesser way) what I thought I could do, but which I doubted.

The One Self will express Itself and will experience that which is needed as experience. It is up to me to accept these expressions and experiences, or doubt and have Self express these elsewhere, through another channel of a "me".

Keeping in mind that it is not me that plants the first seeds, nor created seeds, nor earth nor garden, my only tending needs be relying on my Source as the One Master Gardener, and to accept and gather the crops as they come in. Share the yield of the crops - certainly! Refuse the crops, flood the soil with tears of self-pity until nothing can grow, and the One Gardener will find other accepting soil with minerals awaiting a new crop.

In recalling God Within as the Master Gardener - my Self as always in successful expression - I gladly and joyously accept the abundant crops of well being and well living in my garden of experience now.

I no longer turn God away.

Doubt and Belief are two ends of the pole of Acceptance.

Doubt is the negative use of imagination.

I Accept Divine Intervention.

Meditation Seventeen

The Divine Mind, The Divine Source, expresses Itself in infinite ways. It expresses Itself as me.

It is the One doing the expressing, and doing so abundantly.

That's not my job. That's the job of the Divine Source.

My job is to stay aware of the infinite expression in life as the Activity of my Source.

It is easy to let go of my fears and worries when I recall that God IS the Source of all things, all situations, all people, including me.

What or who could better be in power or control? Me? Surely I have too many doubts, failures or concerns and no where near the power or contacts that the Source of All has in Mind.

I can let God express Its abundant and Infinite Nature through me, and in my life.

I allow this by keeping God's Reality in my consciousness, and observing the Infinite expression of God all around me. God's Nature is infinite. I allow the Infinite I AM to express Itself in my life.

I rest in the realization that my Source expresses Its Infinite Nature as supply and re-sources in all aspects of my life. I rest in the safety of the Source of all as my Source and supply.

Re-source: A reflection of the Source. Re-Source. My Source reflected back to me in the outer world as an outer source, or resource.

Meditation Sixteen

My Inner Source, the Source of all, responds instantly to my needs and desires as expression and fulfillment in form.

So often, if I am aware, do I merely think of something only to see an expression (or many expressions) of that thought in my experience that day, or the next. Often I have a desire or a need of which my personality is barely aware, and an outer experience will appear as an expression of fulfillment for that idea, need or desire.

It is not constant dwelling on a thought, need or desire that makes this so. I have often found in outer experience an earlier passing comment or casual desire. Perhaps "needs" have more energy pushed behind them, but our awareness of "pressing needs" may in fact bring too much attention or concern, blocking our outer view or changing the automatic natural expression of Source to a need.

Relaxing and meditating allows a flow to continue naturally without force or effort. When an outer expression of Source appears before us as a solution, we need to consider it for what it is; an outer expression of the Inner Source full-filling a need or desire.

The truth is, when you pause to accurately ponder it, much comes our way before we even yet know why we want or need it. Things show up before we have the conscious need.

Many solutions and opportunities come to us as as outer experience. What we choose outwardly tells our Source what we enjoy, accept or dislike presently. Not that our Source doesn't know more and better than us. Rather, It offers us a variety of options and expressions we may enjoy, as Its infinite expression.

We may then choose to experience various outer solutions, or not, or many, or few, at any given moment. It has been said that when our personalities feel a need or desire this is due to a drive for us to uncover a solution already given to us by our Source. Source has already placed options for us to see, choose or discard. But our personalities may fail to look for already existent help, offers and solutions.

Even at such times of our dense-ness our new experience of need and desire causes Source to yet again immediately out picture as experience new solutions and help, to take care of these needs and desires.

Our Source instantly responds to our needs by expressing Itself as Solution in form and daily experience.

But we must be aware of It to experience It. This is our focus, our task, our responsibility, our agreement of awareness.

Meditation Fifteen

No person, place, thing, or situation is my supply. My awareness of God as my supply, is my supply. The more aware I become of this fact, the more I attend to this idea, the more I experience it. The more I rely on the Infinite Presence the more my supply is infinite. The more I recall and trust that the Infinite is my supply from within, the more I experience abundant supply outwardly, as well as inwardly. God within is my supply.

God is infinite, therefore my resources are infinite. My supply is as infinite as is God. God is my supply, and my God is Good. Others may choose to experience God in any other way they wish. Their understanding of God does not need to be mine.

I choose a God that loves and cares about me and my well being as Its expression. Therefore am I allowed by my choosing to experience the Good that is God, and have God as my Real Support and constant supply. My choosing and awareness, my focus upon these realities of God allow me to experience these aspects of God as truth in physical reality.

No outside things can be my supply or support forever. Only God can eternally support and embrace me. God is my true and everlasting supply.

My awareness of God then is my support and supply.

My awareness of God is infinite, therefore my supply is infinite. Is my awareness infinite right now? I hear birds sing, I think of trees, the sky, stars, other planets, space beyond these - all of this is God. I think of money, people, creatures, homes - is God not also present in all these? Is there a place where God cannot go? Cannot be? All that I can infinitely consider is God. This consideration may go on indefinitely. There are infinite possibilities of considering God in and out of physical expression. So yes, my thinking and thus awareness of God is infinite, for anytime I choose to think about anything I can also think of God as being present.

Where I have trouble seeing God, I have an area of less infinite understanding and resource. Yet I can remind myself even in these areas or moments that God Is Ever Present, even when I do not yet understand, and thus my awareness of God is opened to more infinite possibility, right then and there.

As my awareness of God as the Source Ever Present expands, my experience of my Source of supply expands. As my awareness expands, my supply and seeming outer support expands.

My current awareness is infinite. When I shut down any part of that awareness of God as infinite I may open it back up by bringing to my awareness that God is also present here too.

My supply in experience is dependent on my reliance upon God as my sole and lasting supply and support. God shows up as my supply and support through people, situations and things. But these are not my support or supply. I am grateful for these channels of God, present in my experience, for I know that Behind, Within and Above them, and me, is the Real Cause of my support.

I depend upon God as my supply and support, as God shows Itself in an abundance of ways in my experience. My task is to look to see God behind all, to be open to see and hear God presented to me in various forms, and to follow through with action as an acknowledgment of God's Presence before me.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Meditation Fourteen

God is everywhere and everything, so certainly God is "abundant". There is no place God cannot be, and is not.

As such, God is in me now. I am made of and by this same Presence and Substance. My awareness of this allows me to sense; to be aware, to think, feel, and know, that God is my Source and supply of all. As I re-member this, I am being put back together in rightful order, as are all of my concerns and matters.

For "my" matters and concerns are God's - it cannot be otherwise - save for my delusion of "my own" anything. What "matters" is what is behind and within all matter; the substance of substance, the substance behind and within all substance.

My dwelling on such ideas allow me to experience the Reality behind the obvious. To be aware of What Is beneath (support), within and through all as the Maker of my experience allows me to experience God in this way.

"All that I have is yours."

"A Loving Embrace comes to all who reach out for Me."

In acceptance. In thought. In meditation.

Until I feel the thought as a part of my very be-ing.

"I and my Father are One."

Meditation Thirteen

All of the losses, disappointments, shocking turns, let downs, doubt, and stresses large and small are to lead me back to reliance on God, the Presence Within, and that only.

People fail, not because they are mean or because they are uncaring, but because they are people.

Outer situations and support fail not because of bad thinking, poor planning, lack of pushing, or selfishness. It may appear to be this way, but such things fail simply because they are outer things, not inner support.

I had to be forced to see that all outer support must fall away in time, so that I would absolutely and entirely rely upon God, what I AM Within, as my only support, which is the support of all, under all, the substance of all, just as the Presence even now supports and orders the planets and the heavens and all of all.

Within is the best support to have. It never leaves for It cannot. I can forget or ignore It, but It can never forsake me. I can be fooled into thinking otherwise, but as long as I remember this Inner Reality, I will take a leap of seeming faith and find solid ground, or soar on the wings of Inner Support.

I look around outside of me and see that even buildings and nature are usually best supported from Within rather than hung on a wire from without. I will choose to rely on the Within, even when I cannot see It Within myself.

"My Grace is sufficient..."

"All you wish to know, all that you wish to be, be Blessed in my Divine Livelihood."

"Rest in ME."

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Meditation Twelve

Every good thing comes from the Divine Presence within me - That of which I AM made. My choosing to be aware of this, even to begin to consider it or imagine it, starts the process of Good coming my way. I do not focus on the Presence in order to wrangle from It my Good. I choose to realign my awareness with It, so that I may experience IT. From this right intention do I connect within, and experience God without. "All things are added" but I must first and foremost seek the experience of the Presence Within me above all else.

As I focus on the Presence of God within me as the All Good, so does the All Good rush to meet me. My emotions are lifted as I ponder this idea: God is the All Good that comes to me. Yes, every good thing helps me to sense the Presence of God Within me.

While difficult times temper me and urge me towards a deeper connection to the Divine Within, my experience of Good allows me to connect and feel God working in my life experience. My focus on the idea that every Good that comes to me comes from God, allows me to feel a connection to God that is joyous, content, confident and assured. It is in this simple way that I may put my focus on God as my True Source, right now, and make God my First Focus.

When I am unhappy, discontent, unsure, or not confident, then I do not experience Good coming to me.

When I change my focus to the Good that comes from God, I share in both my experience/connection/joy of God, and in God's Good Measure as my experience.

Meditation Eleven

God, My Source, is also the substance of all there is. It is the Source of everything, including money, all things I enjoy, all things I desire to do, all that I need, and all that I am.

There is no "other" Source than THAT Source which is also the Source of me.

I can say truly that my Source is the Source of all Good and all prosperity for there is NO other Source. I am One with the Source of all I desire, as there is no other Source.

My Source desires to express Itself through me; experience and show Itself through me, as me. My personality is not my Source but the Source that creates and expresses through my personality is my Source, and the Source of all that Is, and all that is not yet manifest.

There is no greater Source than THAT. This all powerful, ever present, thus all abundant Source is the very Source and Support behind and within me.

It has made me and secretly IS me, as I am IT in expression. That which I AM is abundant.

Meditation Ten

God is my only Source and resource. God is the substance of all.

I had a surprising insight. For a moment in meditation I thought of God as GOOD, not merely an impartial Source of all that men call "good" or "bad". Surprising to me was I felt myself expanding when I thought the thought of God as GOOD. This expanding feeling also occurred later when I thought of God as Loving.

I had a time in the recent past when I had experienced God as Universal Love. At that moment, everything seemed "good" and "fine", no matter how uncertain my future was from a mundane point of view. Having had this expanding feeling as I meditated on God as GOOD itself, I may change my thinking back to my Source as a Loving Source of Good and see what happens.

"Bad" or hurtful actions may merely be ignorance of perception or the delusion of the idea of separation from God, which cannot be. Delusional thinking that we are separate from God may cause ill effects, not because God is a blind, unconcerned force, but because we experience our delusions until we let them go.

I listened to the birds outside and recalled that most natural abundance takes place by nature doing whatever it is driven to do. Animals, insects and flowers don't seem to worry much about making this world abundant. But abundance in this world is a natural result of animals, birds, insects, and flowers doing just what is natural for them to do. By doing what they do naturally, the earth is abundantly supplied. Birds and bees are not likely concerned with propagating flowers. Yet seed, pollen and other things are distributed as a by product of what these creations do naturally, and trees and flowers as produced as a result.

This happens in many aspects of life, so that "waste" and "ruin" also become subversive tools for more lavish growth, new life, and ever more abundant expressions.

So it must not be a usual conscious effort that brings about abundance here. The Source has all of this worked out to happen naturally. Rather than trying to make flowers and plants grow (they did so before human intervention) or say, "Ah, but YOU must plant better seeds of thought!", maybe the only seed we need to plant is to remember and rely upon God, Its nature and Design as the Source and Supply of all my Good, and all my need and desire fulfillment.

Some things I perceive as negative may still be beyond my current understanding, but momentary thought or belief in separation may be the reason for such misinterpretation.

I return now to the thought of God as a Good Source that supplies all due to the natural plan of Its Design.

Meditation Nine

Safety, security, shelter - all of these things I need to find within.

Passionate, deep, all-encompassing Love - this too I need to find within. Here is why outer forms seem imperfect and all too soon, less appealing. It's a hint to find that mad, passionate love within - to find the version of Love that makes love sane and lasting. It should feel the same, just as wildly ecstatic and passionate - only better.

My finding security and shelter within feels the same, only more secure; enduringly safe and forever protected.

My supply must be found as Something I can touch - within.

It is THAT which is all of these; the Source of all this out-pictured.

Within me is the Divine Plan. I move to touch It, and in It I am restored.

I am supported from Within.

Like any strong structure, I am not mere surface. The surface of me is supported from That Source within me. A building without an inner structure is named a facade. I am not a facade. My personality is such however, unless it recognizes its True Support.

In realizing my True Support, I am as a building, viable and complete.

I turn within to find the Support for that which is to be expressed outwardly.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Meditation Eight

My awareness and thought that God is my Supplier brings me fulfillment of my needs abundantly.

The pests of fear, worry, doubt, belief in others as my support, or my own efforting as the real source, have eaten away my good crops.

But the promise has been made that if I will remember that God is my Source, and brings me all I need, then I will have all I need, and have these abundantly.

These pests of mine have even managed to eat away at my faith in God. So what now? If I cannot believe in others or in myself enough, I am told to rejoice - for this is the path to true freedom.

Trust only that my Source is the Source of all, and that the awareness of this is all that is asked for me to be able to live freely and abundantly. My awareness or thought of God within me as my abundant Source is the way to real-ize this experience and renew my fields and freedom, so that I may live abundantly and help others with the talents I have been given.

I have no power of myself, but there is a Power within me that is all Power, all resource, all everything I could ever want or need. This awareness appears as every form I could ever desire. My task is simply to practice my awareness of these inner facts.

Additional Practice of Blessing

I was told in meditation "If you send out a Blessing a day, you're going to be OK."

Each day, take a moment to mentally and emotionally send out healing Blessings of Abundance and Full-fill-ment to all others in this world, and beyond.

Pause, close your eyes, and imagine this in any way you can, as vividly as you can. Imagine others thanking God for God's Grace and Aid. Imagine people reacting to Blessings coming their way in new and surprising manifestation.

Feel these Blessings emmanating from the Source within you, spreading out and touching all. Sense this vividly, as if what you are imagining is actually happening. Because it is.

There are no wrong ways to send out Blessings to your fellow be-ings, other than doing so selfishly and with thoughts about what you will get.

The worst you can do for your fellows, and yourself, is to think they are not worthy of your time to be Blessed daily by your Source. Take a moment, whatever you can spare, whenever you can, to imagine sending out deep and true Blessings to those in this world and beyond.

Even when you have nothing, you have something to give - Blessings.

You can always imagine sending out Blessings to seeming others no matter what you have or have not. For what you do to the least of these, you do for your Self. But don't do for others in hopes to be helped yourself. For that will bring you little more than selfish thought.

Truly Bless others with your mind, heart and imagination. Consider how much you deeply wish to be Blessed by God. Realize how many others feel just as you, or worse. Send them deep Blessings from your Source, to remind them of their Source and the desire of how you want all who are suffering to be healed and fulfilled. Imagine. Make it real.

You will soon experience re-Sources abundantly.

As long as you send out Blessings with real caring and compassion in your heart and mind, and not for selfish reasons, you will discover your own connections to your Source in abundant expression.

As I was told in meditation "If you send out a Blessing a day, you're going to be OK."

You'll see.

Meditation Seven

It is not my responsibility to create abundantly, give abundantly. That is the work of my Source.

My Source, of which I am created, creates all unceasingly. Its nature is infinite and It expresses infinite abundance. My responsibility is to rely on and recognize this truth. My Source creates abundantly through me and all Its expressions, as this is Its nature. My recognition of this fact allows me to experience and share in the Divine Flow of Good.

I am an aspect of God's abundant creation. It is never-ending. I can see this easily, and I can rely on that nature of unceasing abundance as being one part of the true nature of which I am made. I do not create, nor create abundance. My Source abundantly creates and gives through me.

I am allowed to experience abundance as my Source expresses Itself through me and in me. Upon which other Source then could I truly rely?

Me? NO. Surely not. I am not all abundant and all powerful on my own as my own personality.

It is by recognizing and relying on the Source of all that my needs and desires are full-filled.

Meditation Six

Nature abhors a vacuum. My Source, the Source of all, constantly fills open spaces. The Source of me creates things and fulfills needs in an instant, all over this world and beyond. My inner Source constantly creates forms. It does so endlessly. My needs and desires are a call to It to fill empty spaces as only It can do.

My Source continually puts on a show for me according to my needs and beliefs. It enjoys creating! Its task in this life is to create, to manifest, and to experience Itself as the Source of all.

The Source of me is this way.

So my Source is my supply, and the supply of all, and wants and enjoys experiencing Itself and Its Good.

My Source can manifest instantly all that It needs and desires as the form of "me".

In an instant It can resolve all problems for Itself, give unceasingly to Itself, enjoy the Beauty and Bounty of Itself, as It expresses and experiences Itself as me.

My life is Its Life. I too can experience my Source this way, as It desires to fulfill and experience this for Itself.

My Source cannot experience lack. It lacks nothing but experience of Itself, and It has that experience in me. Through me my Source experiences Its own measure and fullness. Only by thinking of me as my own power and cause do I suffer.

Now I recognize that it is not me that does, creates, causes or sustains. In truth it is my Source that does all, is all, gives all.

My personality is the mask of God, so God may stealthily experience Itself in numerous ways.

But never does this Source lack, nor can It. For my Source, the Source of me, is the Source of all. It knows not know the confines of time or space, except as a playground of experience. It is not defined nor stopped by time or space. To me, things happen in an instant, but to my Source there is no "instant" - there is only now.

My Source fills Its needs and desires as me, through me, at any moment of need, in an instant of now.

It never goes unfulfilled.

Meditation Five

There is but One Consciousness and Intelligence, and that Intelligence is in me, and in all others.

It knows what my needs are, and It is in contact with everyone and everything to bring solutions to me and take care of my needs. No person, place or thing, not even money, is my supply. The Divine Intelligence, the Universal Mind, is aware of my needs, and arranges, motivates, coordinates, all people, places, things - including money and all supply.

It moves people, situations and things, including money, to those who focus the One Intelligence on/upon the One Intelligence. When I think, consider, know, accept, ponder, imagine, understand, or guess about the One Intelligence as my supply, and the supply available to all, then the One Intelligence is working to provide for me, for I am consciously in Its Flow.

My awareness of the One Intelligence as all support and activity is infinite and ever-unfolding. Therefore my supply is infinite and ever-unfolding. The One Intelligence, and my participation/awareness in IT is my supply.

The One Mind organizes all things so IT can do through me what IT wants to do. It can accomplish through me all It desires to do. I experience "my desires" but these are my interpretations of ITS desires. It knows how to do what It Wills and means to accomplish.

When I ask and focus on God's Will Be Done through me, "I" must be successful for it is not me but the true "I" that does the work. I/IT knows how to connect and make happen all that It Wills to do through me. My personality doesn't need to figure anything out all of my own. There is no such thing as "my own/alone" when setting my mind and awareness on the One Mind and One Will which can only successfully express whatever It Wills through me.

My decision to allow this expression allows the expression to be so as It Knows how to make all the connections for Its Success!

Meditation Four

My conscious focus of God within me, as my Source, IS my Source and supply. My choosing at last to shift my attention back to God as my Source and supply allows for a supply greater than my personality can think up alone.

It is conscious awareness of God as my supply which allows for that supply to flow, and flow in abundance. My personality may not feel it has "earned" or "deserves" such supply, but God is all supply, all that IS, and God may wish to experience all that God can through me.

I will no longer get in the way of what God wishes to express and experience through me. The change of focus on outer things to my my Reality of God, the Self Within as my supply allows for all of this and more.

I need not create supply or plenty myself. God does that, not me.

My Source is the Source of all.

I will bring this to mind constantly, and in so doing, allow for God to demonstrate supply and God's reliability through me.

Meditation Three

I see all around me examples of the constant activity/creating of abundance. God is present in many masks, displaying gleefully God's abundance and abundant activity. What IS behind all of these many masks is What Is behind me, and within me. The Light of Reality is the One behind the abundant masks.

There is no real separation at the Core. The Core of me is the Core of all abundance. That is the Reality. That is the truth behind the mask of me. Look around my little world. Even now I can bring myself to see areas where I have more than I need.

I have feared my lack and lack of ability, as well I should - for if I think the mask can create its Core - I live in delusion.

But the Core, the Source, can and does create all the masks, including all the displays of abundance. At the Core of all my problems is the same Core of all abundance and solution.

This is my reality.

Meditation Two

I begin by being aware that the Source is the Source of All, including all my Good, and that this Source is the real Source of me.

Next I begin to understand why and how this could be true.

First I am aware of the thought, then I think it through and begin to understand.

The next thing then is to know, and to truly know something is a feeling.

Knowing is what is ultimately needed.

So it is important to lift up my mind and heart, to think and to feel (embody) that what I AM is the Source within me, and my Source is also the substance of all the Good there ever can be, and is right now.

Right now, all the Good there is comes from the Source that is within me, and within all. My Source is the same Source that projects me/Itself as me into being/manifestation. So does it project and manifest all, including every Good thing and situation.

I raise my heart and mind up to see and feel (experience) the Divine Presence all around me, in me, and in all of my activities and concerns.

The Source of all sources is my Source.

Meditation One

(Editor's Note: The writers may use the words Source, God, Intelligence, It, Is, and other labels to name that "which cannot be named or labeled". There are no particular religious overtones intended, though spiritual concepts are at the core of these writings.)

Reading these meditations each day mean to help you refocus on a True Source within you.

Striving for abundance outside of you has already caused your ills.

Striving for a reliable Source within you is the cure.

We make no boasts of metaphysical manipulation, or cause you to "make", "create" or "get" money.

If you turn on a flashlight or torch, and try to pick up the light where the beam has landed, you will not succeed in moving or carrying light. But if you go to the Source of the light, you will find the light shines from the Source, not at the outer spot.

These meditations turn you back to rely on the flashlight, not on the outer spot.

Fortunately, that light is within you. You already carry it. You just need to experience it now.

1. All that Is, is God. The Source of all is The Source of me. All that is ever provided comes from the Source of all. Whatever it is that is the Intelligence behind, within and as all things, is the Intelligence that brings prosperity to so-called "others" and this same Intelligence that brings safety and security to others is the Intelligence that brings things to me.

Where I doubt, I dismiss It. Dis-miss. It is not ungiven, but rather rejected by doubt; told to go another way, somewhere else, as I don't "deserve" the Good this Intelligence brings. But I am not worse or better than many who do accept such gifts and are Blessed by their Acceptance, the Gifts of God.

I exist, and I have at times experienced a sense of Source. In that time, I was not concerned, for I felt a Unity and a Love. There was no fear. That is the Core of me. That is what makes me/Is me/Experiences as me. THAT is what I AM really, and what I really am is the expression and experience of the Source of All Things.

The Source of All is the Source of me.


As long as you rely on your personality, your job, your home, your relationships, your situation, or your work as your power, safety, security or abundance, you will always be able to be threatened from without.

Free Abundance is a spiritual action. It uses meditations and other tools to train you to rely on Something Greater than yourself, within yourself, and within all.

Whether this is for Third Step work or for personal security, the main idea we wish to impress upon you is that you must rely entirely and completely on that Something. Or No-Thing. Or whatever you want to call it. IT cares not about how you name the Unnameable. Rather IT wants for you all the safety and security you want, and much more. All this Higher Power asks is that you remember. Align your thoughts and actions with these meditations and you will be learning and remembering to rely on that One Source That Provides and Is All.

Upon THAT, and THAT alone, can you learn to solely rely.

FULLY and UTTERLY rely on that ONE and in due time will you reap the harvest sewn not by man, but by God.

(Editor: The writers use many words interchangeably for the Unnameable. Ignore any labels that don't work for you and rewrite them with titles and descriptions that do work for you. If you get hung up on labels, you'll never get past surface issues to the Power you need. Capital names indicate this as well, such as He, She, It, That, One, etc.)

How to use the numbered meditations

After you have read whether or not there is any "catch" to this information, I hope you will read this section next.

You will need to find the first meditations under MAY 2009 archives to begin. Progress from May 2009 onward to get all of the meditations in correct order.

We will now set out a basic way to meditate on the numbered writings which will appear here.

1) Each day or each night, read one and only one of the numbered meditations. Begin at the start and go in order.

2) Keep a text document or pen and paper handy as you read your daily meditation. Write down all the things that come to mind from within yourself as you read.

3) Write down what positive ideas, inner wisdom, new thoughts, or novel ways you would rephrase these meditations.

4) Do this EVERY day (or every night). If you want to change things, you're going to have to change things. Seems obvious, now doesn't it? So make a commitment to yourself and your experience of the Flow of Life by never skipping a day - no matter what.

Doing this is like building a dam and not letting the water leak out. If you want to release a storehouse of power and have plenty of flow, write down what comes up for you as you read a new meditation each and every day.

This is an open-eye type of meditation. You will read, ponder, contemplate and then listen to what comes to mind from within yourself. You can close your eyes from time to time as you read, or after, if that is your preference. Trust your own inner wisdom and its process to reveal and solidify these truths within you.

Keep at it, no matter if the results are immediate or seem delayed from your perspective. Your current experience may be the result of what you thought and felt up to now. Let that go. Start again. Each day, start fresh.

Writing down the wisdom that comes to you from within yourself as you consider each daily meditation will help sink into your conscious awareness the reality that you need.

If you skimp on doing this continually, then remember that you will be skimping on your flow, your pocketbook and your abundant experience. It's not too much to ask to do for yourself, is it?

Begin with Meditation #1 and keep at it. When you run out of meditations, you can begin at the start all over again. Keep reminding yourself all through the day of what you thought about as you read the daily meditation in the morning. Take it with you in mind and heart as you go through your day, no matter what the outpicturing of life shows you.

Do what you need to do for now to take are of your finances, knowing that this was due to past thinking and feeling, while you are daily working to change your experience into a truly abundant one.

Keep at it, and keep flowing.

Why hold off on your good? Begin now!

Free Abundance? What's The Catch?

Many people offer "free prosperity" to try and get you to buy something.

Not here.

This blog is FREE. So is all the information in it. The material is copyrighted and protected worldwide, but it is FREE for you for your own personal use.

Let's face it, if you feel in need the last thing you want to do is be told to buy something.

That makes writers rich, but what about the people needing help?

So here's the catch. If you find what is written here useful, tell others. If you find your situation greatly improves, write us at and let us know about it.

If you wish to donate money because these writings have helped you, drop us an email. Of course we are open to anyone being a channel for abundance to come to us too. It just isn't absolutely required.

We hope you understand now that these meditations and methods are really FREE and they are here to help you. You don't have to pay for them and there isn't any catch. If you feel like your flow has improved by working with these meditations, and wish to share that flow, of course we accept. That's all part of allowing the flow of abundance.

Just know that you are not required, nor is it hinted, that you need to send money, buy anything, or do anything other than improve your experience of abundant living.

There is one other catch, come to think of it. These are spiritual writings. If that upsets you, try to get past that. You'll need to be open-minded because many of the terms and names used by the writer(s) may be different than the ones you use.

That's the only other catch we can think of.

We hope that these writings, tools and meditations will be of service to you.